Finds the TApe Edge Then Lifts Without tearing

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Save time

Find the edge of the tape quickly


Works with all tape colors and thicknesses


Design by Physicists

stops splitting

Scraper edge removes tape and helps prevents splitting

How To Use Your Tape Edge Sensor

  • Find The Tape Edge
  • Extract The Tape Edge
  • No HasslE
  • No Frustration
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The Inventors

Roll Ranger was developed by Optics for Hire, a US and Ukraine based engineering consultant

OFH develops custom optical systems for industry leaders like Amazon, HP, Toyota and GE.

The company has also licensed technology in popular consumer products including this animated toy, and this knife sharpener with a sharpness sensor.


See Roll Ranger in Action


What is Roll Ranger?

Roll Ranger is a device that helps you quickly and easily find the edge of tape. It features a bright red light that glows when the edge of the tape is found, making it easy to see where to begin lifting the tape.

What types of tape can I use Roll Ranger on?

Roll Ranger can be used on all types of tape, including packing tape, masking tape, and even duct tape.

How does Roll Ranger work?

To use Roll Ranger, simply roll it along the surface of the tape. When the device reaches the edge of the tape, the red light will glow, indicating the perfect spot to begin lifting the tape.

Is Roll Ranger easy to use?

Yes, Roll Ranger is designed to be easy to use. The compact, portable design makes it perfect for home, office, or on-the-go use.